These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things...

by Blake Schaefering in ,

For the first time in months, I'll get to immerse myself in some reading. Here's what's waiting for me:

1) Mr Porter Post - Menswear site Mr Porter isn't just a website but also an extremely well curated lifestyle site as well. Want to see cool? Check them out.
2) Monocle - Amazing how a monthly magazine can be so current with important world happenings. These guys have your bases covered.
3) Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research - Because once you stop learning you start moving backwards.

4) Man About Town / Fantastic Man - The only two menswear magazines that do it well ALL the time. Classic and simultaneously forward thinking. If they only came out more than twice a year...

If I thought I'd have more time to read, I'd include more, but that research journal is dense...

Merry Christmas!!