Add this to your training program today!

by Blake Schaefering

Figure 8 medicine ball throw.

Lateral quickness.
Foot speed.
Rotational power.
Hand-eye coordination.
Neuromuscular activation improvement.
Anaerobic capacity improvement.

If you're an athlete, all of these are areas of concentration. If you play ice hockey or tennis, the rotational power off of a movement is crucial. Even if you're not an athlete, the figure 8 medicine ball throw with a wall is a great way to rev up your neuromuscular engine at the beginning of a work out or interval training at the end. Or even just break up the monotony of the same exercises week after week.
Simply put, it will make you quicker, more coordinated and you'll be in better shape. And who doesn't want that?
Set two obstacles (I used 1m long foam rollers standing upright) about 1.5m (4.5ft) apart and about the same distance from a solid wall (either concrete or one special for med ball throws like the one at Magnat in the video). Stay low and shuffle around the obstacles in a figure 8 motion. Each time you step around and back towards the wall, rotationally throw the ball using your hips as a driving force. Catch the ball while moving and shuffle around the other obstacle and repeat. Perform for intervals of 20-30 seconds with a 20-30 rest period.