New Gear

by Blake Schaefering

I'm a gear whore.

Plain and simple. If I see something new that I can use in the gym and don't have it...I want it. I may use it once and never again but at least that one time it was amazing. 

And so I have some new gear:

Voodoo Bands - Mobility WOD guru Dr. Kelly Starrett proposes that these will help alleviate aches and pains in joints and muscles through serious compression with mobilization. So far, they feel pretty good, but long term not sure what they'll do. By the way, Dr. Starrett is the best thing to happen to CrossFit...ever. His focus on mobility and injury prevention may just help CrossFit weather any sort of storms it may encounter in the face of their mounting injury evidence. See my post over the weekend for more on that.


Montane Featherlite Smock - It's pretty much air with style. Rolls up in your pocket. Hardly feels like its there when its on. If you need something to throw over your base layer when going out for a run, then this is perfect.


Taking a trip to the States this month. Will surely have some more to share.