The long delay

by Blake Schaefering in , ,

Yeah, it's been a minute since my last post and laziness is hardly the culprit. Since my last post on performance gear I have:

  1. Joined Norway's premier athletic strength and conditioning center as a performance coach. Magnat Center (especially now that I am there) has everything an elite athlete or weekend warrior could ask for in a training center. 
  2. Became a dad. 
  3. Am starting a new venture that aims to assist not only top athletes but pregnant mothers as well. Stay tuned.
  4. Became a dad. 
  5. Am working with two of Scandinavia's top modeling agencies on different projects with each respective agency to promote training and fitness in a healthy manner in the modeling industry. 2PM (Denmark) and Team (Norway) represent some of the world's top talent and are dedicated to presenting their models with a healthy, maintainable training regimen. Read more on 2PM's website
  6. Became a dad


As you can see one of these things is a bit more time consuming than the others. But the posts will begin to flow a bit better as more things are happening.