New Sh*t Mondays (on Tuesday this week)

by Blake Schaefering

It's Christmas I'm a bit behind. Between getting in last minute clients before the holidays and arranging my own Christmas fun, I didn't get to the New Sh*t post yesterday.

So it's today.


Nothing fancy or expensive, a lacrosse ball (under $2 in the states, 35-40kr in Norway) hits trigger points and helps loosen up tight muscles for an efficient warm up or post-exercise massage. If you're not doing some sort of dynamic stretch, foam roll or trigger point massage before you train, you're either A) lucky you haven't gotten hurt yet, or B) lucky with genetics. It won't compensate for bad form but it will help you maintain good form throughout the exercise. 

Since I have to shoot off and try to find some last minute gifts, here are a few posts from others that address what good the lacrosse ball can do. Credit where credit is due:

    • My beef with CrossFit isn't the method, its the madness (though the idea of randomized programming I can't quite agree with). This CrossFit-centric post covers some valuable mobility tips. Scroll down to point 5 for the lacrosse ball info. 
    • Uses lots of proper names of the muscles, so keep your eyes on the board if you get lost and/or can't understand what he's saying.
    • The dude, Dr. Kelly Starrett, on shoulder and thoracic mobility and the ball. 

And if you have another ball laying around like a tennis ball, a dog toy or any of the fancy balls on the market these days for mobility, then by all means, use that. It's not always the best ball that is best, its the ball that is used that is best. 

The best products are often the simplest...